Saturday, June 29, 2019

Free and Pay-What-You-Want 5e DMs Guild Highlights: Week Ending 6.29.19

Every week, talented creators upload products to the DMs Guild, pricing them as free or pay-what-you-want in order to reach customers. Dozens of new free and pwyw products are added each week alone. It is a lot to sort through. My hope is that highlighting a few of each week's best supplements will help the designers get the attention they deserve.

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Class Booklet Bundle from Avalon Divine

Awesome, awesome, AWESOME collection of booklet-style character sheets for each core class. Includes advancement tables and class features. Definitely my next character sheet.

DDEK Sidekick Support Pack from Christopher Blanchard

If you are like me and have just picked up the new Essentials Kit starter set, you will want to grab these accessories for it. Includes table tents and tokens for the new "sidekick" characters. 

Advanced Weather Table from Toban Barnes

The potential effects of weather on the game are often under-utilized. You can remedy that with this short supplement. I like the idea here; you roll each day and shift up or down a sort of weather scale. Check it out if you are looking for a user-friendly weather system. 

Trouble at Southstone Mine from Corey McNabb

Fun little one-shot for 3rd-4th level PCs. The party must rescue some miners from a bunch of grimlocks. Includes a zip file of the maps for easy printing or VTT use. 

The Golgari Guild Kit from Multiple Authors

Players and GMs of Ravnica campaigns might want to take a look at this. You get two Graveborn races, the Symbiote Host Ranger (sort of in the vein of the Druid from the Ravnica book), and several Golgari backgrounds. 

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