Friday, February 17, 2012

Updates, updates, updates

sorry its been so long! if you check out the previous post, i have updated the pdf for sorin yeate AND i have given a link to the monster file, so you can easily try it in your games. run it against some level 8 pcs and let me know what you think!

the big update is that i have been working on something new- a free 4e mag in pdf format. it is called '4e forever' and i am very excited about it. i hope to have the first issue done within the next couple of months. i dont want to give too much away but each issue will have an adventure, and a lot of old school flavor mixed in with 4th. i feel 4e has a lot further to go so i was inspired to do it.

i will be posting the links here, so if you are interested, please follow this blog and you will be notified when they start coming out. there will also be opportunity for submissions once i get it going!