Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Review: The Crossroads of Spyley and an Update

I don't typically do reviews, although I sometimes point out new and/or interesting products. I thought I would shine a light on a nifty little OSR product today: The Crossroads of Spyley. This is part of what I hope will become a long series of products from Chubby Monster Games called "Side Treks". It is system-neutral and can work with any edition of D&D.

My current campaign is a sandbox, and I can never have enough little interesting locales for the PCs to pass through. I love rolling stuff randomly, but I also like to have some short adventures and settlements planned out ahead as well. What I don't like is for things to be too complicated. This product fits my needs perfectly. Give me a little village, a nice map, some hooks, a few NPCs, and then leave it alone.

I can see myself devouring a series of these things, just plopping them down in various hexes. At ten pages, you can absorb this product quickly without having to do much prep. Priced at $2, its a steal. I tried to think of something to complain about, but couldn't come up with anything. Buy the PDF HERE.

Speaking of PDFs, I am making the final push to complete 4e Forever Issue 2. I have learned a lot over the last year working on this, and I have to say that I have found that editing is my least favorite thing in the world. It sucks the fun out of everything for me. I actually thought about just quitting, but 4e needs a little love so I feel compelled to persevere. That said, I am no longer going to require submissions to fit with the shared world of the first issue. Its just too much work to try and rewrite everything. I also find it takes away from the original spirit of some of the submissions. I also am not going to toil and beat myself up over the grammar, etc. of submissions. I will give it a once over and publish as-is. Its just gotta be this way, otherwise I have no fun working on it. Anyway, I would like to have all submissions, artwork and otherwise, in by April 30th. If you have any old Dungeon/Dragon rejections, adventures you have been working on, random tables, monsters, whatever, give me a shout at frothsof-at-gmail-dot-com.