Saturday, January 5, 2019

Check Out the Thought Eater Podcast!

Hi ya'll. I wanted to tell you about the Thought Eater podcast. I currently do four shows a week.

-Tuesdays, I do the Top Three Tuesdays show. Each week I present my top three picks on a number of RPG-related topics.

-Wednesdays, I do my Humpday Blog-O-Rama show. This is basically a weekly celebration of the RPG blogosphere. I highlight and discuss cool stuff that I spot each week, and then I put all of the links mentioned on the show in a companion post here on the blog.

-Fridays I do short podcasts of five minutes or less (Five Minute Fridays). With my other shows being much longer, this is a nice way for me to break things up. I usually just talk about whatever gaming-related subject is on my mind that day.

-Sundays, I recap my Night Below 1e AD&D/BX campaign. This show is a fun outlet for me to talk about my houserules, philosophy, and lessons learned through play.

The Thought Eater podcast is currently available on 11 platforms; just click a logo below for your platform of choice. I hope you will check it out! If you use the Anchor app, you can actually call in and leave voice comments to be used on a show!

If you enjoy my free zine, podcast, and/or blog, please consider supporting my work for only $1 per month. 

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