Saturday, May 4, 2019

Free and Pay-What-You-Want 5e DMs Guild Highlights: Week Ending 5.4.19

Every week, talented creators upload products to the DMs Guild, pricing them as free or pay-what-you-want in order to reach customers. Dozens of new free and pwyw products are added each week alone. It is a lot to sort through. My hope is that highlighting a few of each week's best supplements will help the designers get the attention they deserve.

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Feats for Ravnicans from T.R. Appleton

One of the cool things about the DMs Guild is all of the support you find for official releases. These 16 new feats all relate to guild memberships or the races from the Ravnica book. 

The Big Book of Rogues from Matt Harris

This is a really nice, very substantial (88 pages!) sourcebook for rogues. This isn't heavy on mechanics, but it contains a TON of flavor and very good background information. With sections on everything from thief gadgets to assassination missions, DMs and players alike are sure to find something of interest here for their aspiring grifters, forgers, and smugglers.

The Mage's Tower from Andrea Maffia

It can be a little intimidating preparing to run a game of D&D for the first time. Short adventures with rules reminders and tips can really help someone get started. Written entirely for new DMs and players, this one-session introductory adventure also contains some pregens to help you get up and rolling as soon as possible.

Nine Treasures from Harrison Swift

Nine highly unusual magic items, such as the pumpkin cape, which allows you to...well, to turn into a pumpkin. Very original. 

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  1. Just a quick heads up, the "Nine Treasures" pdf is now $1, rather than free or PWYW.