Friday, April 5, 2019

Thought Eater Podcast: The Legends Respond!

One of the cool things about podcasting on Anchor, besides the fact that they distribute your podcast automatically to a bunch of platforms for free, is that you can call-in on other shows. This has helped build a community of OSR Anchorites, a group of RPG folks who support each other and frequently call-in on each other's podcasts. It is a bit like the blog scene. You can favorite different podcasts (sort of like a blogroll) and call-in (like leaving a blog comment). It is a lot of fun, and if you have ever thought about starting a podcast, you can be up and running quickly with Anchor with no equipment needed but your phone.

On my podcast last week, I asked a hypothetical question. If there was an emergency and you only had time to grab one item from your RPG collection, what would it be? I ended up going with the WotC OD&D reprint box set from a few years back. I was curious what other Anchorites might choose, so I put the question to them as well.

This week's Friday podcast features call-ins from Logan Howard of Monster Brothers and Sword Breaker, Colin Green from Spikepit, Rob C from Down in a Heap, Rich Fraser of Cockatrice Nuggets, and Wayne Peacock from Motive. I highly recommend checking out their podcasts.

I hope you enjoy it...and maybe I will hear you on Anchor sometime!

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout Froth! Love the Blog-o-Rama and blog-roll all the great content it leads me to (including your blog). I really appreciate it!