Saturday, April 27, 2019

Free and Pay-What-You-Want 5e DMs Guild Highlights: Week Ending 4.27.19

Every week, talented creators upload products to the DMs Guild, pricing them as free or pay-what-you-want in order to reach customers. Dozens of new free and pwyw products are added each week alone. It is a lot to sort through. My hope is that highlighting a few of each week's best supplements will help the designers get the attention they deserve.

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20d8 Ways to Modify Monsters from Vincent Kitali

Oooh, this is handy. Have your players memorized the Monster Manual? Then be sure and check out this guide on how to keep them off-balance. Includes some sample modified monsters. 

The Compendium of Odd Creatures from B5 Homebrews and The Adventuring Guild

Speaking of keeping your players about a giant goat? Or a wishing well that twists wishes into something grotesque? This supplement provides 22 highly unusual and creative creatures to challenge players that have seen it all. 

Arcane Incantations from Damian Steele

Holy moly! Over 800 4e arcane powers converted to 5e! I really enjoyed this. 4e is just sitting there, ready to be pilfered for content, and this was a great way to do it. And over 800! Seriously?

Warlock Eldritch Invocations List from Michael O'Connor aka ThinkDM

Another handy-dandy utility sheet from the ThinkDM. Includes material from the PHB and Xanathar's Guide. 

100 Non-Combat Random Encounters (Coastal) from Dungeons and Djinn

Dungeons and Djinn have quietly put together a wonderful array of system-neutral random tables. The coastal flavor here could prove helpful if you plan to spend the coming months in Saltmarsh. 

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