Friday, March 29, 2019

Thought Eater Podcast: Five Minute Friday: A Hypothetical Question

Fridays on the Thought Eater podcast I do really short episodes of five minutes or less. Today I was thinking about this hypothetical question I saw on social media. Basically, you have to flee your residence and you only have a few seconds. You can only grab ONE rpg product. What is it?

Tough question for you? Or do you know what you would grab instantly? Leave a comment and let me know!

You can hear what ol' Froth grabbed RIGHT HERE.

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  1. My dice. Because improvising random number generators is a pain.

  2. Of what I have, probably The Traveller Book or maybe the Flashing Blades boxed set (with dice). I will have to put together what I really need and publish it myself I guess. I've kinda been working on that. If I still had my Traveller box, that would be perfect, but that was destroyed many years ago. Still have my original three little black books, though.