Friday, September 20, 2019

Thought Eater Podcast: Five Minute Friday: Best "Generic" System

A lot of RPG systems do one style of game well. Maybe even two or three styles. But what "generic" system does every genre well?

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1 comment:

  1. Yes, I like Basic RolePlaying but many Chaosium games demonstrating its range are out of print. I played Ringworld for six months, it emphasized skills for the branches of science and rudimentary research rules, and had 29th-century hypertech as the novels imagined it (there were only 2 Ringworld novels at that time). Also Superworld RPG (comic-book superheroes). Fragments of genre rules have surfaced in the BRP big gold book, no doubt. Also, it has the formula 50%+5%x(STR-SIZ) to determine if you can lift something, and a SIZ table will give you actual masses in kg or pounds, so it is the only game I heard of which attempts to rate your success according to real physical quantities. Monsters have the same stats and rolls as PCs, but some stats may be missing. Ghosts have no SIZ, game store owners have no INT, etc... :-)
    Chaosium offers a free 48-page .pdf for the Basic RolePlaying Quickstart, and even there they give you short adventures in several kinds of settings.