Saturday, September 28, 2019

Free and Pay-What-You-Want 5e DMs Guild Highlights: Week Ending 9.28.19

Every week, talented creators upload Dungeons and Dragons products to the DMs Guild, pricing them as free or pay-what-you-want in order to reach customers. Dozens of new free and pwyw products are added each week alone. It is a lot to sort through. My hope is that highlighting a few of each week's best supplements will help the designers get the attention they deserve.

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The Spontaneous Dungeon Master's Companion from Robert Peake

While the layout isn't going to win any awards, this is still an excellent collection of tools (mostly random tables) for DMs that like to wing it. Random encounters, NPCs, traps, treasure, and more.

A Silver Dark: A One-Page Adventure for Saltmarsh from D Taylor

I LOVE one page adventures. There is something magical about one night's adventuring in a concise and creative format. This is an excerpt from a larger work, The Lonely Scroll Adventure Contest, so if you like this you might want to check it out.

The Magical Junk Drawer from David D

Fun and creative collection of very minor magic items, such as the Exfoliator, which magically removes callouses, and Elminster's Earrings, which give an appearance of tiny dancing lights around the head of the wearer. Magical bric-a-brac.

Potion Crafting-Simple Rules for Aspiring Alchemists from Brandon Brown

This supplement is highlighted by the huge amount of attention given to potion ingredients and their procurement. How exactly DO you keep Oni blood from spoiling? Will a stressed Pixie produce dust? How much are the fingernails of Storm Giant worth? Basically filled with killer adventure hooks.

100 Activities at the Faire from Official Dndspeak

Yet another excellent random table from the Official Dndspeak folks. Festivals and fairs make for great backdrops for adventures and are great ways to bring cities or small towns to life. This table gives you plenty of flavor to help.

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  1. Thanks for collecting these, I look forward to reading them - particularly the Faires PDF.

  2. The potion creating one isn't free.

    1. Sometimes they end up changing their prices. Thanks for pointing it out.