Thursday, January 17, 2013

Are Classic TSR PDFs Dropping Soon???

I swear man, nothing gets past the OSR blogosphere. They were first to notice Gygax magazine, first to point out online retailers were getting ready to sell old D&D edition reprints (way before WOTC announced it), and now People Them With Monsters may have stumbled on the motherlode: Yeah, the url isn't showing anything now, but it was. Check it out.

Muy interesante! I would surmise this is legit and we will see it happen quite soon, maybe announced at Winter Fantasy. They have hinted on the WOTC forums that 2013 will be "busy", etc, so this makes sense. We will find out soon enough!

Here is the original post about it. Thanks to People Them With Monsters for spotting this.


  1. I did a bit of poking on the domain servers. and both have as their name server and were registered through Network Solutions. The dndclassics domain was registered through GoDaddy and lists a different name server. It's possible the product line is a license to a third party, but something about the domain registration seems wonky to me (but I could be absolutely wrong).

    1. Well, check this out, apparently the One Bookshelf people are the same as RPGNow, so I think evidence is starting to mount that Wizards will just outsource the actual sales process etc to RPGNow.

      We will soon see! I have some holes in my collection that need filling!