Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Humpday RPG Show 3.2.21 with Special Guest Michael T. Lombardi of A Catalogue Chimerical

Image by Evlyn Moreau

Aside from the actual PLAYING of games, my favorite things about this wonderful hobby are those two bastions of DIY creativity, zines and blogs. Join me each Wednesday on the Thought Eater podcast as I share the blogposts, zines, and RPG bric-a-brac that caught my eye over the week.

Have you started a new blog recently? Are you working on a zine? Are you a content creator that would like to be considered for an interview on the show? Want to send me review copies of what you're working on? I want to hear from you! Email me at frothsof at gmail, hit me up on Twitter, or use the contact form on my blog (visible in desktop mode in the right-hand column).

You can join the show by calling in at or via the Anchor app! The Thought Eater podcast is available on all major platforms, or you can use the player below to scroll along with each topic.



ZINE CLUB with Special Guest Michael T. Lombardi of A Catalogue Chimerical

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  1. Enjoyed the conversation! As a fan (and creator) of PWYW and free zines, I particularly appreciated the comments in that area. Zines are always worth paying for. I tend to drop some coin even when I don't have to because I understand how much work goes into them. I just think there are a lot of gamers who have a rich resource they wouldn't have if the paywalls were too high for them to climb over.

    Great question: "What makes zines so magical?" - Great job as always Froth!