Saturday, February 2, 2019

Free and PWYW DMs Guild Highlights: Week Ending 2.2.19

Every week, dozens of new, up-and-coming authors pop up on the DMs Guild, pricing their products as free or pwyw in efforts to reach readers. My hope is that this series helps put the spotlight on the cool stuff they are doing. Previous posts in this series can be found HERE.

A Thousand Classes + A Thousand More by Vivian Ruby

New subclasses for every core class and almost 100 new spells. There is a TON of material here, so you are bound to find something you like. I thought the Sniper fighter was really cool, and spells like Clot, a necromancy casting by which a magic user can temporarily slow damage, make for cool alternatives to traditional healing. A lot of neat stuff.

Crafting Encounters: Room 2 by Kristian Richards

Cool "puzzle" sort of dungeon encounter, easily slotted into the Dungeon of the Mad Mage, with links to pwyw papercraft tie-ins. Part 2 of a series.

Druid in the Sewers by Stephen Bandstra and Chris Curran

Toxic mushrooms started appearing in town recently, and now they are everywhere. The PCs attempt to unravel the mystery in the sewers below. A short adventure with plenty of fungus.

Inflicting and Healing Lingering Injuries by Wallace Realini

Optional rules like these aren't for every table, but if you want to knock out some teeth and puncture some lungs, this is the supplement for you. I have used lingering injuries in my campaigns for comedic effect, so I enjoyed this one.

Trollskull Manor NPCs by Lady Luthien

Coming up with random NPCs on the fly can be a difficult skill to master. Ostensibly for Dragon Heist, but useful for many adventures, this short supplement provides a list of various NPCs with notes on their appearance, personality, and motivation. Just enough to give the DM what they need to improvise.

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  1. Druid in the Sewers link appears to be broken, or it is no longer available on DMs guild.

    1. for me, I tried a new link without the search filter tag, hope it is working now