Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Download THRESHOLD, the Mystara Magazine, FOR FREE!!!

Mystara aka "The Known World" remains one of the most unsung of all D&D settings. What began with just a scant few pages in the old 81' D&D Expert Set eventually blossomed into a full-fledged fantasy world through products like the Gazetteers and one of my personal faves, the Hollow World setting...basically the "innards" of Mystara.

Fans of Mystara have reason to be excited; the first issue of Threshold magazine, a free supplement, has been released! This thing is over 180 pages of awesome stuff, including a wonderful interview with Bruce Heard, who was instrumental in the development of the setting and is still going strong. Congrats and thank you's to all of those involved!



  1. That is really cool. Downloading it now!

  2. Thanks for the warm words - we hope you'll enjoy the read! And please remember that the magazine contains details on how to get involved if you have your own great ideas about Mystara that you'd like to share with the fan community! :-)

  3. Wow ...... Fantastic piece of work! Downloaded and shared the link with all my friends.

  4. New issues are up http://www.pandius.com/thrs_mag.html