Friday, December 14, 2012

Meet the Poisonous Tree Frog

Happy Friday. Today I thought I would share another 4e Forever monster. This time its the Poisonous Tree Frog. I am still working on the fluff, so it is just the stats for now. This little guy uses his absurdly long tongue to pull creatures adjacent and into his highly poisonous secretions. This is a very fun monster to DM; use a large encounter area and spread these guys out so you can pull PCs all over the place. Hope you like it!

The Poisonous Tree Frog


  1. Level 22? Srsly?

    (yes I know it can easily be downgraded, but srsly?)

    1. Hi Sven. That's actually a pretty good question. My upcoming zine supports high level play exclusively; you won't see any creatures lower than around 17th level. The reason for this is that the low levels are completely bloated already, and in my opinion it is the high-level 4e DM that still needs the most support. Now, as for why seemingly innocuous and typically low-level creatures like Tree Frogs and Vultures are Epic level combatants-that part will be detailed more in coming weeks. For now you will just have to trust that there is a method to my madness. I hope that somewhat answers your questions!