Thursday, June 21, 2012

Reaction Tables and 4e

Today I offer you some Reaction Tables for DMs to improvise with. You have seen something like this before if you are familiar with older versions of the game.

Now, many monsters will automatically attack, and many NPCs in your campaign might always be friendly. That's expected. But on occasion when using wandering monsters, or if the PCs take that right turn at Albuquerque, you might want to inject some randomness to the proceedings and flex your improv muscles.

Basically, if you have any creature or NPC that does not already automatically feel one way or the other about the PCs, if their reaction is in question, or if you are making it up as you go along, try the tables below. Keep in mind these are initial reactions. That bar wench with a heart of gold could turn nasty if she is treated rudely, and the vicious monster is just one morale check away from fleeing into the wilderness. Look for opportune moments to use these. For example, if the PCs approach a hireling they have never met before, you might check their reaction.

4e Reaction Table for NPCs
Roll 2d6 once for NPCs and check the table below
2 Unusually friendly
3-5 Friendly
6-8 Neutral; indifferent
9-10 Prickly; rude
11-12 Openly hostile; instigates conflict

4e Reaction Table for Wandering Monsters
Roll 2d6 once for monsters and check the table below
2-3 Friendly
4-5 Neutral; indifferent
6-8 Unfriendly; will attack if approached or if their environment has been entered
9-12 Hostile; immediately attack

You can modify these based on the situation, if a PC has an extremely high Charisma, or however else you desire. I think you will find it adds a layer of unpredictability that makes it fun to DM; it also helps prevent every single encounter from turning into combat.

Anybody using something like this? Leave a post!

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