Friday, May 11, 2012

Tiny 4e Forever Preview

so i have been steadily working on 4e Forever, my upcoming fanzine, but it sometimes feels like i have not gotten anywhere. there is a lot left to do but i wanted to share a sneak peek at one of the monsters in the adventure in the first issue, the Gaartal Bruiser. i will hold off giving you ecology or details about the monster right now so as not to reveal too much. i hope you like it, bc your PCs certainly won't!

Gaartal Bruiser preview pdf

Gaartal Bruiser preview monster file


  1. Sweet. My PCs are almost to EPIC and this thing will give them a taste of their own Medicine! BWAHAHA!


  2. m glad you like it, its all about getting 'uncanny trample' off over and over. several of these are hell if you have the defender bloodied. use three or four of these along with some spread out (20 squares away) artillery and cross your fingers and hope the pcs try to weaken him. more to follow!