Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Sample Savage

So, here is a sample of the new monster type I am working on. I mention it in an earlier post. Check out how it is all incorporated.

The creature I made is named Sorin Yeate. He is a half-orc with a major skin disease. As a result, he not only lives far from civilization, but he is also just dangerous to be near, as his condition gives off a poisonous and acidic mist of vapor. The properties of the mist can also be hallucinogenic. He uses this condition to protect himself. Unfortunately he is also deranged and will not listen to reason.

is a good creature to use if the PCs are in an isolated region. If they stumble on his lair, they will certainly smell an acrid stench if they get within 10 squares of him.

I would be interested if anyone has thoughts. I have attached a pdf of the creature. I have given him just the bare minimum to qualify as a Savage so that the features are clearly represented. This creature has a chance to hit the PCs fairly hard without taking all night.

Tactics are simple-spend your action points as quickly as possible and make as many attacks as possible in order to get the best use out of Savage. This should run really well against 5 Level 8 PCs; that would be the "sweet spot". Obviously, the higher the PC level, the easier it will become. This will be too easy for PCs over level 10.

Note-I have updated the pdf, and I also have a link to download the monster file, so you can easily put it in your games.

Sorin Yeate Monster file

Sorin Yeate PDF update


  1. Sorin is an interesting monster. I wouldn't want to run up against him in a dark alley. One thing that concerns me is that Aura five seems like too much at heroic. Still I think the concept works. Have you tried something like this out in a game yet?

    1. keep in mind-its a 'solo'. its by itself. and an aura 5 is large, but any ranged pc should be able to avoid easily; there has to be auto-damage or the concept doesnt really work ideally in play. if it feels too much for your party, consider lowering the damage to 5, or docking hit points. i have used these in my ravenloft conversion-i wanted something like 1e that would hit hard, but not last an hour. its not an every encounter thing but they serve their purpose imo

  2. one thing too, they give the dm a lot of control over the difficulty. sure there is an aura, but you can skip the immediate action and free action from round to round, maybe not end up using the second ap...but you have them there to use. other idea-you could ditch the aura and add some hazards. but i think youll find with the lower hit points of the monster that pcs can really hurt it round to round