Friday, July 4, 2014


Today I am announcing a few changes to my blog and zine. As you may know, I have supported classic editions of D&D on my blog alongside 4e for quite a while. Well, I was so completely blown away by the 5e rules that came out yesterday that I will be DMing organized play at the FLGS and inevitably supporting it on my blog. So, I have decided to change the name of my blog to reflect the multiple edition support that I want to cultivate. The new link is Those out there that link to my site or have me bookmarked will want to update this.

I absolutely intend on still supporting 4e. I actually DMed a great session the other night. With a four player party and a morale system, we enjoyed a nice three encounter delve with roleplay in about two and a half hours. 4e is worth working on because the combat and PC customization options are not like that of any other edition of D&D. I think that over the years many players will return to it for a fun change of pace.

What does this mean for my zine 4e Forever? Well, the second issue is almost done. Unfortunately, several articles I expected to come in never made it, but there is more than enough material for a great mag. After this issue, and once the licensing for 5e becomes more clear, I intend to let the zine represent all editions. The name will change, although I haven't thought of the name yet. I imagine B/X monsters sitting alongside alternate 4e classes, 5e adventures next to AD&D magic items. I love all editions, so why not try and support them all? Expect more info/shameless solicitations on this down the line.

Anyhoo, I am very excited about where 5e can go. I love the simple, clean rules, and I see a LOT of 4e influence in the game. I think its a great thing that 4e happened, because they learned a lot of lessons from it, both good and bad. I hope to continue to bring fans of different editions together and foster a mutual respect for one another, even if you have your own favorite ruleset.


  1. Updated your address, and keep up the great work.

  2. All editions existing side by side peacefully? Blasphemy! What sort of magical charm has 5E cast upon you?

  3. I dig your multi-edition vibe.

  4. My only major problem with 5E actually has nothing to do with its rules or, in fact, anything to do with the game at all. It is how WotC failed to send 4E out with a "Bang" or anything Positive before the new Edition came out. If they had simply put an effort to release a last couple of quality products and fixxed the Underpowered or Broken Content over this last year, I would have no problem with a new edition at all. My Fear is that this is what they will do with 5E at some point in the future. And 6E after that. AND 7E...Ect.

    Thats my 2 CP worth, anyways.