Friday, June 7, 2013


If you have been wondering "Where's Froth?" lately, please forgive my absence, but I finally decided to buckle down and finish my free 4e fanzine! I didn't want to post again until it was done. I first mentioned it over a year ago, and it feels great to finally be able to get it out there.

Why did it take so long? Well, I GROSSLY underestimated the amount of work it would be for one thing. Secondly, the thing just kept growing. I thought it would be a little 30 page deal (and it might be in the future, lol), but it grew to over 150 pages. Between working full time, raising a kid, and running multiple campaigns, it was just a lot of work. I am not like some other writers that can just turn it on and off. At a lot of points, I just didn't feel like writing or didn't feel creative. Getting the last little bits done was the hardest. I also struggled a bit with the layout; it is a little on the crude side, but I did my best. I am proud of myself for following through.

Now that its done, I can't just post up a link right now. That would be too easy. No, I want to celebrate this sucker. As a result, I am setting the release for this Tuesday, June 11th. Over the weekend and on Monday I will be featuring a series of blogs spotlighting contributors to the first issue. I think you will all enjoy it. I don't want to spoil who helped just yet, but rest assured that they are all bad-asses.

I had several goals in setting out to create the mag. For one thing, I wanted to help keep 4e alive by giving fans an outlet that they could use to create and share their own material. I wanted to support high-level play exclusively. I also wanted to continue the work I have done on my blog, bringing old-school, classic edition design elements into 4e. 

So what is in the zine? Well, without spoiling too much, I can tell you that there are two full adventures, over thirty new high-level monsters, over fifteen new tricks and traps, tons of alternate rules for 4e, and a bunch of other stuff that I don't want to spoil just yet.

So, check out the blog over the weekend and be sure to download the mag next Tuesday!