Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Brutal Minions

rarely do I use a minion these days that doesn't have some kind of extra oomph.

try having minions explode in an aura 1, leaving a zone (noxious fumes perhaps?) that does level appropriate damage when a creature starts in it or enters it. it changes the movement strategy of the pcs quickly and makes it more interesting.

another favorite is having your minions attack everything adjacent to them when they die, berserker style. or mix the two; when you kill one minion it chain reaction kills the other which explodes into noxious gas. try using a ton of these on the table for an unpredictable explosion of violence.

make those little suckers count.


  1. I had minions that did aura damage when any of them died, and that dominated the creature that attacked them Until end of next turn. Was a nasty fight. And the flavor was great for mind controlled cultists

  2. james-thanks so much for the comment! i really dig the flavor there with the cultists. i can just about see the look on your players faces